The Times of Puerta del Sol

In Acampada Sol, Madrid, Spain on 1 June 2011 at 06:30

Good morning people!

With everything that’s happening here, I feel I could fill an entire newspaper if I wanted to, complete with all various sections. Something like this. Take a good cup of coffee to go along with it!


Title: “Parliament surrounded in Greece”
Lead: In Athens, more than fifty thousand people have surrounded parliament. They are protesting against the economic measures imposed by the European Union. Inspired by the Spanish uprising they are demanding ‘real democracy now’. The parliamentarians are locked in. A military coup cannot be excluded.

Headline: “Riots in Turkey lead to fatality”
In the village of Hopa on the border with Georgia, a visit by Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan has led to disturbances. The prime minister was on election tour in the traditional anarchist stronghold when he was faced with demonstrations from various leftist groups. The police used tear gas. The fatality was due to a heart attack in the middle of the cloud. Turkish media deny that the tear gas was the cause of it, instead they accuse the demonstrators of injuring a police officer. From images found on the internet, however, it appears the man had fallen from a bus. Later in the day demonstrations broke out in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir.


Title: “Communications with police unilaterally terminated”
Lead: Yesterday in Madrid a police spokesman announced that the communication channel between the police and representatives of the Acampada Sol – which has been installed last week – will be closed from next Tuesday. The news is widely seen as a harbinger of a possible evacuation. Today the mayor of Madrid and the local shopkeepers who have long been complaining about declining sales once again urged the Spanish interior minister to evacuate Puerta del Sol.

Title: “Sol passes sanitary test”
Acampada Sol was visited this week by two inspectors from the city of Madrid medical service. They were sent to the camp to confirm rumours about unsanitary and unsafe conditions. This way the municipality hoped to gain a valid reason for eviction, the same reason that was officially used to justify the violent eviction of Plaça de Catalunya.
That hope didn’t last. The inspectors concluded that sanitary conditions on the whole were satisfying. “The camp is being cleaned by the residents every morning and throughout the day.”

Title: “General Assembly decides to restructure”
Lead: In order to cope with various logistical problems, the General Assembly has decided tonight to give the Acampada Sol a more permanent shape. The existing structures will be rebuilt using sustainable materials. Given Puerta del Sol’s role as an example for similar initiatives around the world, the people have decided that the occupation must not only continue, but that ‘Sol’ should show that it is capable of continuous renewal.


Headline: “France”
Lead: The Extension commission has announced the evacuation of Toulouse today. Also the Bastille in Paris, which had been reoccupied by demonstrators this afternoon, was cleared by police in the evening. The protesters have vowed to return tomorrow in greater numbers. To the great delight of the protesters the evacuation of the acampada in the southern city of Bayonne was banned by a local court today.

Headline: “Italy”
In local elections Italian prime minister Berlusconi loses control over his home base Milan. In Naples, former magistrate Luigi de Magistris was elected mayor. De Magistris was relieved of his responsibilities several years ago when his corruption investigation had led him to various ‘eccellent’ suspects from all major parties of the Italian political spectrum. The furious pm warned the people today that he will make voters ‘pay’.
The Extension commission has also received news about demonstrations in various Italian cities, inspired by ‘Real Democracy Now’. In Rome, Turin, Milan, Bologna and Florence people took the streets. Reports about occupations could not be confirmed. The government was accused of using agents provocateur to cause disturbances.

Headline: “In other news.”
The May 15 movement has disembarked in Australia. The Extension commission reports on demonstrations outside of the French consulate in Sydney. From America the news comes that protesters are camping in front of the capitol of the state of Wisconsin.


Headline: “Culture focuses on the future of education.”
Unanimous agreement has been reached in the Culture working group on education. It will be public, untied to any religion, and accessible to all. Subsidies to private and catholic schools will be cut. The crucifix will disappear from all public classrooms.


Headline: “Privatisation under scrutiny”
In the Legal commission people have proposed to hold an official inquiry into the privatisation of public utilities, which began in the nineties under pressure from the EU and the IMF. According to a spokesman, the sale is not only contrary to the Spanish constitution that says that public and private companies must be ultimately subordinated to the public interest, but it also amounts to misappropriation. “Public companies are not property of the ‘state’, but of the people. And you can’t sell the people’s property without asking for the people’s consent. This never happened, nor have the people received their rightful share of the revenue. In practice, this amounts to robbery.”


Headline: “Mortgage strike proposal leads to division”
Disagreement has arisen in the Economy working group on how the goals of the movement are to be achieved. The proposal by the radical wing to call for a mortgage strike has been received with doubts by the more moderate members of the group. “It’s not a bad idea in itself. It’s probably the quickest way to break the power of the banks, but it requires careful coordination. A call for a general mortgage strike is currently too premature”, a representative stated.


Headline: “Rayo Vallecano honoured at ‘Sol'”
“To the delight of a small group of supporters which had brotherly mixed with the people of Acampada Sol, the Madrid soccer team of Rayo Vallecano has been honoured on the balcony above the square today. The exact reason for the celebration was not yet known at the time this edition went into print.”

“Flat tire? Come to the free bicycle repair at Puerta del Sol!”

See you,


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