In the Sandpit

In France, March on Brussels, Paris on 23 September 2011 at 22:37

St. Denis, September 23

Day 60 of the March on Brussels. Reassembly.

Acampada St. Denis

Dear people,

We are camped on the grounds of an old hospital that has been squatted. There’s a plateau and a structure in wood and there’s a big sandpit in the middle. It’s almost like camping on the beach.

Today was a resting day. This morning the eleven comrades who were still under arrest have all been released. The indignados that went to support them outside the tribunal were encircled by police the moment they came out of the underground. They were escorted to the other side of the river to await the liberation of our comrades.

The only real thing the detenidos were accused of was breaking a window of the police van. I don’t know the details of what happened, but I think it’s unlikely that eleven people premeditated an act of destruction and coldbloodedly executed it all together. And even if they did, it’s not the kind of infringement for which you can put someone under arrest.

Difusion in St. Denis

Propaganda point in front of town hall

They will have to show up again at the end of October, but the important thing is that they are free to come with us. Also Jesus Christ is back, he was lost last night when we moved to St. Denis. We didn’t worry too much about him though, because we know he will find his way. The only one who has not yet rejoined us is comrade Poirot. He is in hospital due to asthma problems, but he will soon be out.

So now we are reunited in our squatting resort along the canal. The relief is big. We finally have an opportunity to catch up on some sleep. I think it has been the first real intermezzo  of relaxation in many weeks. Also for me. I switch from the real game of preparing and executing actions in Paris to the imaginative reality of building a castle in the sand, together with comrade Juliette, la Parisienne.

Life is fun, one way or the other.

Building a castle with comrade Juliette. Photo by Perro.

At the end of the day, internal assembly in the sandpit. For tomorrow a meeting of the neighbourhoods is organised here. This is one of the zones that was set on fire during the revolt of the banlieues in 2005. It might be a fertile ground to gain support for a peaceful insurrection.

News keeps coming through of actions all over the planet. In Barcelona people have been protesting outside the French consulate for three days in a row. In Los Angeles there are demonstrations out of solidarity with the people arrested in Paris. And in Paris we stand by our brothers who were arrested in New York at OccupyWallStreet.

We are a global movement, and we stand united against injustice. We will not tolerate violence or intimidation from the authorities. Not here, nor anywhere else. That is our message these days. If you touch one of us, wherever on this planet, you touch us all.

Internal Assembly in the sandpit

  1. Thank you for writing every day! It was a great relief for some of the readers too. Your diary is the best information source. Go on courageous marchers !!!

  2. Et merci pour le lien vers “occupy Wall Street”!!! Qui le sait, ce qui se passe aux USA?

    Y muchas gracias por el enlace. Quien lo sabe, le qué pasa en los EEUU?

  3. The citadell of French Senate falled today.
    It’s a great day for our democraty
    One day marches like the indignados will be wecomed whith flowers instead of robocops in Paris !

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