The Phantom of the Black Pieces

In France, March on Brussels on 27 September 2011 at 20:43
Beauvais, September 27

Day 64 of the March on Brussels. From Ste. Geneviève, 22 km.

Dear people,

We had a magnificent walk today, through a sunny shire that awoke silently out of the morning fog. It was only twenty-two kilometers, we did it without a lunch stop, and it was enchanting right to the end.

We arrive in Beauvais, a rich little town, but friendly. We are allowed to camp in the public square, we can hold our assembly, and people are curious.

Popular Assembly in Beauvais

The Information Point

Near Beauvais there is one of Paris’ major airports. I arrived there myself one day, and while I think about it I wonder about the concept of distance. As an air traveller you can arrive here from anywhere on the planet in less than a day, and you would consider yourself already in Paris if it weren’t for a cab ride of at most 45 minutes.

For us, the distance between Paris and one of her airports has been three days marching.

At the assembly in front of the town hall, an association fighting for the rights of the sans papiers had been present. They denounced the persecution of ‘illegal’ immigrants, and their mass expulsion. They also denounced the state in which some immigrants are forced to live, out in the open, under bridges, without any solidarity from the authorities at all. He called for society to be civilized, and to treat human beings with dignity.

Jumping a ditch

Our camp here in Beauvais is packed together on a part of the central parking place. This makes for interesting urban planning. Little squares are created, closed in by tents, where people get together for jamming purposes. The kitchen, as always, is the center of our town.

In this urban density, it is easy to gather information. And that is what we do, as Intelligence commission. But we also selectively diffuse it. At the moment we are studying the way our internal information flow actually works. Because obviously there are different ways, apart from the internal assembly and the workgroups, of spreading information, depending on the people whom you talk to.

Some of us will spread it on indiscriminately, others have a confidential web of people with whom they share it first. Others can be trusted to keep a secret. Knowing these communication links gives you the possibility to create certain reactions by reaching specific targets with specific messages, without revealing the original source.

For this to work it’s completely irrevelant if the information you spread is true or false, or heavily biased. It only needs to be credible.

The spreading of false information can be very important, especially when you are faced with infiltrators. But it is just as important to be able to discredit false information spread by others. Alarming voices about police actions have been circling on the social webpages in moments when there was absolutely nothing to worry about.

The skyline of Beauvais

In the meantime, and without any apparent link, the phantom of the black pieces is hovering over the march again. Cubano, Legionario and Felix were present in Paris at Bercy. They sat high on the stairs above the assembly, and they watched. These days on the road they catched up with us in their blue van, they circled around us, but they were ignored by most.

One of the few people whom Cubano spoke to was me. I have always maintained the distance of the observer in all the shit that happened before Paris. It seems someone communicated to them our route, and their presence makes some people nervous.

Information and rumours are going around and transforming. We have to keep up with it, and we need to emit our own propaganda where needed. As long as we ourselves are able to distinguish true from false there is no need to worry.

French translation by Dominique Couturier

  1. Plutôt étrange, ce groupe de “pièces noires”. Finalement, leur présence est suspecte, mais sans preuve qu’ils soient vraiment des manipulateurs ou des “observateurs” mal intentionnés. On peut aussi penser qu’ils sont simplement maladroits. Tout est question d’interprétation. Dans le cas où ils seraient sincères, on peut comprendre qu’ils insistent. Dans le cas contraire aussi… mais alors leur audace peut se comprendre comme “Vous n’avez pas de preuves contre nous.”
    Version française comme d’habitude sur Mediapart

  2. Hi,

    Great idea when consensus must be speedy decide.
    Projected the consensus.

    Working her 🙂

    With you

  3. Translated more or less indeed into French here:

    Effectively, I received a SMS “worrying” on the arrived to Beauvais, and without verifying it I spread(broadcasted) this information about Facebook without verifying it. Mea culpa

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