Countdown to Brussels

In France, March on Brussels on 28 September 2011 at 20:57

Breteuil, September 28

Day 65 of the March on Brussels. From Beauvais, 34 km.

Dear people,

With only ten days remaining it is necessary to think about Brussels. Up until now, we have been improvising. Our organisational schemes have been fabulous, there hasn’t been an important matter for which a working group hasn’t been created to address it. But in practice, thinks are left to improvisation at best, and divine providence in all other cases.

This has worked out incredibly well so far. Really. When I think about it I am amazed how our bunch of vagabonds has been able to keep this march going. We have a place to sleep every day, we have food in the morning, during the route, and at night. We have the possibility to shower almost daily.

In Paris we left things to chance and we grabbed the occasion whenever we could, but Brussels has to be different. Brussels is the final goal of the march, and we will need to make a statement.

Members of the Central Committee

Today during the march the Intelligence commission has joined forces with comrades Getafe and Jesus Christ to form an unofficial Central Committee, with the intention of reviewing the state of the march and making preparations for Brussels and beyond.

It turns out that some very grave things happened in Paris, of which I will not reveal the details for the internal safety of the march. They will have to be dealt with in the next couple of days. The proverb says that if you want to have something done well, you have to do it yourself. Fortunately, this isn’t always true. There are some people in our group which can be trusted to do a good job.

One of the things that we decided upon was the foundation of the International Archives of the March, where all digital and paper documents we have produced will be classified and stored, together with the acts of the assemblies. Jesus Christ has offered to be our first librarian.

Another problem in the group is the conflict between comrades Cowboy and Alexis. It touches on our basic values of peacefulness.

To understand this, you have to know that comrade Alexis has a special talent for making himself unpopular through the frequent use of denigrating remarks about others. He openly criticises the majority of participants in the march for various reasons. He is convinced that without his own contribution to the assemblies and the organisation, the entire march would disintegrate.

Comrade Cowboy has developed a particular dislike for comrade Alexis, and after repeated provocations of which I ignore the details he dealt him a blow in Paris.

Since then, Alexis has been demanding that the group pronounce itself in his protection and that Cowboy be expelled. His argument is that a peaceful movement like ours cannot tolerate violence of any kind.

He is right. But things don’t work this way. On a human level, most people are much more attached to Cowboy than to Alexis. They refuse to pronounce themselves on an expulsion. Alexis has given the Internal Assembly two days. After that, he himself will leave. There’s no room for the two of them in the march. He has also threatened to use internet as a weapon. At the moment he uses our official blog for his personal communications.

It would be a shame if Alexis went, because I think that as a movement we have to try to overcome personal antipathies. But there is nothing to be done. True conflict cannot be solved through consensus in an assembly. And if the group decides to stick by Cowboy, even though that implicitly means accepting an act of violence, then we will have to accept the consequences.

As for the Mediterranean march, they stayed in Paris for a couple of more days in the end, and they will take the short route, led by lady Blue.

I’ve had the occasion to observe her in our days in Paris. And I have to admit that the boys from the Mediterranean probably need her leadership. She lacks imagination, but she has organisational and communicational skills which are badly needed by the group. They wouldn’t make it to Brussels without her. Still, I’m happy they took a different route. This way we won’t have to deal with sudden rearrangements in the distribution of the pieces in our march.

  1. Même si il y a des conflits, ces marches sont aussi de belle expériences humaines. Pour ma part, je ne pense pas que le chantage soit une expression de réelle démocratie. Bien au contraire c’est une autre forme de violence, au même titre qu’un coup. Alors cette partie devrait se terminer par un pat.
    Lors de son passage à Paris, j’ai beaucoup admiré Blue, comme d’autre jeunes femmes impliquées dans les marches. Effectivement elle a un sens de la diplomatie désarmant
    Bonne route à tous

  2. El compañero Alexis debe comprender que forzar a la marcha a tomar una decisión con el argumento de que si no le gusta lo que decidan entonces él se va es un chantaje. No se negocia con manipuladores que tensan la cuerda del respeto con provocaciones para quejarse luego de la injusticia de haber recibido una represalia.

  3. What a petty twaddle about brawls, ‘intelligence comities’, ‘central comities’ (in a company of, what, 10 men??), defectors, and other quasi-revolutionary tonterias. How should we take you serious, when you continue indulge yourself in ‘playing revolution’. Cmon! Grow up and be serious!

  4. Estoy en total desacuerdo con las opiniones que viertes sobre Mediterranea (ahora Ecomarcha). Son comentarios insultantes y que creo que deberías rectificar. Y lo de calificar un cambio o ajuste de “vuestra marcha” como negativo VA TOTALMENTE EN CONTRA DE LOS PRINCIPIOS INTEGRADORES DEL MOVIMIENTO.

    Espero que rectifiques, un saludo, jordi molina

    • Caro Jordi, te pido gentilmente de enumerarme los principios integradores del movimiento. Sobre la mediterranea tengo todavia que racojer las primeras noticias positivas que no provengan dal blog uficiál. Rectificar se puede una noticia errada, no un opinión. Especialmente en este caso donde la opinión está condividida da mucha gente de fuera y de dentro la marcha.

      Dear Jordi, I kindly ask you to enumerate the ‘principios integradores del movimiento’. As for the Mediterranean, I still have to collect the first positive news that doesn’t come from the official blog. You can only rectify errors, not opinions. Especially in this case, where the opinion is shared by many people from inside and outside the march.

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