Out on the Square

In Italy, Rome on 12 January 2012 at 22:11


Rome, January 12

Dear people,

Agora Roma has been under way for three days and our little village is growing. New popular quarters have sprouted up close to the ancient city gates, we have a library now, and the comrades of the ailing accampata Caracalla have erected a dome.

The Library


The Creativity Corner


The Dome and the Porta San Giovanni



From high up the monument to Saint Francis, I watch around.

It starts to look nice. We keep attracting immigrants from France and Spain, and from Rome itself. But other than building our camp, we have done little to leave a mark.

We seem to organise our thematical assemblies mainly for ourselves. The themes are interesting. Environment, non violence, alternatives to capitalism etc. But even I, if I were a Roman, I wouldn’t sit in to participate, out on the square in January.

There have been actions as well, but small ones. Some of us went to show their support to a local demonstration against the construction of an incinerator, and got there late. Others invaded the metro to create the ‘train of love’, where they invite people to communicate with each other instead of looking out the window. And yesterday evening we went to do some p.r. in one of Europe’s biggest social centres, an occupied fort in the outskirts of Rome. A crazy place. They have reggae music in the dungeons.

The Coffee Corner


Evening Assembly

Today I made an urbanistic study of our village. The map is far from perfect, but it gives the general idea. Bear in mind that the situation is continuously evolving. Already a commission has been formed to study the possibility of planned city development in case more people arrive.

Map of Accampata Roma, Jan 12


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