Sol Evicted, Doesn’t Cede

In Madrid, Spain on 11 February 2013 at 18:49
Eviction of Sol this morning. Photo via @LuuNekoNyu

Eviction of Sol this morning. Photo via @LuuNekoNyu

February 11

Dear people,

After a massive demo on Saturday, people in Murcia took the square in solidarity with Sol. This morning, while a growing share of the Spanish population demands that the government steps down and that a popular bill against foreclosures is adopted, both the camps have been evicted by police.

The move comes after a cold and rainy night. Defiant occupiers were holding the square for the eighth night in a row, making an appeal through Twitter for more blankets, canvases and something warm to eat. It took little time before the call was heeded. ‘Start gathering some cups,’ somebody tweeted, ‘I will be down with a pan of soup in 15 mins.’

Since this morning’s eviction police do not even allow for a backpack to be placed on the ground. People have been protesting and holding signs in the square all day. They vow to keep occupying the square one way or another. Tonight, there will be demos in Sol and throughout Spain.

The objective is to bring down the government. Because a government that ignores the just reclamations of the citizens, or that responds to peaceful protests with force, does not have any legitimacy. Especially if it is involved in a corruption scandal that permeates the entire governing party apparatus.

There is only one occupation of public space that needs to be evicted right now. The Moncloa.

Continued resistance at Sol. Photo via @InviernosAlSol

Continued resistance at Sol. Photo via @InviernosAlSol


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