In #GlobalRevolution on 22 May 2013 at 19:06
#OccupyDOJ by @luckytran

#OccupyDOJ by @luckytran

Like radio, streams are playing in the background. In Washington DC, foreclosed homeowners camp in front of the Justice Dept and block all the exits. They’re angry about impunity for bankers. In Chicago, citizens surround city hall to protest the closure of schools. In New York the president’s office of Cooper Union, one of the most prestigious art academies of America remains occupied for almost two weeks now. Students are issuing proclamations against tuition and streaming themselves live. There is something happening in California as well. In Oklahoma, an Occupy OK Tornado initiative was launched a relief effort, taking example from last year’s Occupy Sandy operation, which proved much more efficient in coordinating relief than either the Government or the Red Cross.

In Europe, other things are cooking. On June 1 there will be demos under the motto ‘Pueblos Unidos Contra la Troika‘. In Spain the United Citizens Waves will flow again.

Before that, worldwide, there’s the March against Monsanto on 25 May. Against privatization of food. For the repeal of the ‘Monsanto Protection Act’, which safeguards the company from lawsuits over potential harm caused by genetically modified crops. One of the actions being planned is to print your own stickers, go to supermarkets, put them on Monsanto products.


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