Turkey Cries Freedom

In Istanbul, Occupy Gezi, Turkey on 3 June 2013 at 13:09
Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

June 3, 1343 hrs CET

Dear people,

The dictator has fled the country. He left for a state visit to Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. On top of the violence which he ordered against his people, it is an insult to all Turks, opponents and supporters alike, that the head of government leaves the country at a moment like this.

He shouldn’t bother to come back. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the people will block the airport to prevent him from doing so. But on the bright side, maybe the visit will inspire our North Africa comrades to revive the protests which gave rise to this worldwide movement two years ago. Already, the Turkish uprising is spreading to Northern Cyprus.

This morning very early, a call for general strike went out, as from today. It went trending immediately. I don’t know how many people are adhering, but there’s no doubt that the revolution goes on. A few hours ago, a crowd besieged the Turkish television studios to protest against the national media’s blackout on the uprising. From inside the building, dozens of employees expressed their support of the protesters.

June 3. Outside the television station, via @15MBCN_int.

June 3. Outside the television station, via @15MBCN_int.


June 3. Inside the television station. Via @ustunuzum

June 3. Inside the television station. Via @ustunuzum


Fortunately we live in the 21st century. The Turks are uploading videos onto YouTube like crazy. But it seems that many of them are getting deleted. We are working our way around it.

The students are in revolt everywhere. Reports are coming in of universities being occupied and attacked by riot police. The people are out in the streets and in the squares all over the country. They don’t plan to let go.

Also, cats and dogs are rising up in solidarity. Last year the Erdogan government announced it intended to give stray animals the Armenian treatment, which would amount to mass extermination. But the people won’t have it.

Cat on strike. Via @llmhurtado

Cat on strike. Via @llmhurtado

Animals are a well respected part of live on the streets in Turkey. They have been so forever. In the 1860s, the stray dogs of Constantinople were elevated to the dignity of letters by Mark Twain. It’s more than Erdogan himself can ever hope for.

Around Taksim, volunteer doctors are being harassed and arrested. Mosques are now being used as first aid centers to assist the wounded. Fifteen hundred people were detained in Ankara. Today, the city marches in protest. The people cry freedom, the world has heard their voice. They will prevail.

Keep checking the livestream. Things may get rough again when it gets dark.

A bag of bread outside of a baker's. "I'm protesting. Be right back." Via @artdeis

A bag of bread outside of a baker’s. “I’m protesting. Be right back.” Via @artdeis


Via @hayayaermis

Via @hayayaermis



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