The Unspeakable

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[Spanish translation here]

Istanbul, July 1

Dear people,

As millions of people took the streets in Egypt and millions of Spaniards finished to vote on popular democracy in a nationwide plebiscite, Istanbul celebrated the biggest Gay Pride parade in its history. It was the grand finale of LGBT week. As expected, the people of Gezi Park joined them in an extravaganza of colours, joy and rhythm, a celebration of diversity and resistance. It was a styleful conclusion of a month that people in Turkey will not lightly forget.

There had been a demonstration in Taksim the day before that had been smaller and definitely less gay, but no less significant. Some 20.000 people came to the square on Saturday night in solidarity with the Kurds who were killed and wounded in an attack in Lice. It’s maybe a thousandfold as many people as would have demonstrated before Occupy Gezi…

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