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Guy Fawkes Day

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Dear people,

Yesterday – remember, remember? – was the fifth of November. Guy Fawkes Day.

This year the event wasn’t limited to Britain and the Commonwealth countries. It was worldwide. In an estimated 400 cities, people participated in the #MillionMaskMarch. I doubt that the objective of 1 million people was reached, but it sure produced some interesting images on Twitter. For your enjoyment, I made a small collection, plus footage from the demo’s in London and Washington by RT and ITN.

London (RT):

London (ITN):

Washington DC (RT):



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Agora 99 Evaluation

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Rome, November 4

Dear people,

The Agora 99 has finished yesterday afternoon with a General Assembly. Today it’s time for a brief analysis.

First, the name ‘Agora 99’ as a reference to the meme of ‘we are the 99%’ is ridiculous. This was an encounter of a small and often self-referent revolutionary elite which had nothing to do with the 99% of the population.

In the opening assembly on Friday there was some talk about the necessity to create a new terminology. It echoed Slavoj Žižek’s message to the occupiers in Wall Street: “What one should always bear in mind is that any debate here and now necessarily remains a debate on the enemy’s turf; time is needed to deploy the new content.”

In reality, a lot of the terminology used during the workshops was either purely academic, or intentionally vague, or completely meaningless. The most popular terms of the…

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Letter from Bulgaria

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Dear people,

I received a letter from a friend in Bulgaria. She has been close to the action since the start, and did a lot to help me understand the situation when I was there. What is happening in Sofia is definitely historic. People have been protesting since mid June, every day, same time, same place.

“Here we are not giving up. It is true that September and October were quieter than the first months. The people got tired and feeling a little hopeless, because little by little it is becoming more and more clear that ALL of our politicians are simple marionettes and there are other people pulling the strings from outside (not that it wasn’t clear before that :)) and our country and all the institutions in it are like a big joke.

BUT as I said, we are not giving up – there is a new wave…

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Agora 99 Reloaded

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Rome, November 2

Dear people,

Whenever I am in The Hague I take a stroll past our parliament to look at the ‘State of the Constitution’. In the little square next to the entrance, the first article is sculpted in stone on the basis of a long bench. It has been there for twenty years, it was meant to remain for the ages, but every time I pass by, I notice that the text is fading. Already, the word ‘Constitution’ is illegible.

It leaves me concerned and wondering. Am I the only one who notices this? Can the people still see what remains of the text? Don’t they get the irony? Don’t they remember old Thorbecke’s prophecy?

They probably don’t. It’s an old story, like the famous myth of the crows and the Tower of London. Whenever the crows leave the Tower, the kingdom will fall. Likewise, our great liberal…

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