Update and Letter from Bulgaria #2

In #GlobalRevolution on 3 December 2013 at 11:50


Dear people,

Kiev is really hot right now. You all know the story. Putin wants Ukraine to stay in the Russian orbit, and with who knows which promises or threats he has forced the Ukrainian government to renounce association with the EU.

Hundreds of thousands are on the street every day in Kiev. Millions all over the country. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s mostly the nationalists who are demonstrating, and for a revolutionary it doesn’t make sense to support nationalists anywhere. It must be exciting all the same. Pictures are coming in of protesters trying to break through a line of riot police with a bulldozer. Battles are raging every day. Demonstrators keep rebuilding their camp. They vow to continue until the government resigns.

I know, maybe I should be there. I should be on that bulldozer. Yet for now I’m in Tuscany, caught up in a swamp of distractions…

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