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A New Season

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Podemos demo filling the Puerta del Sol. Madrid, January 31, 2015. Podemos demo filling the Puerta del Sol. Madrid, January 31, 2015.

Dear people,

The 15M movement that exploded in May 2011 gave rise to a galaxy of different assemblies, initiatives, movements and struggles in permanent evolution. And although the indignados initially rejected all forms of representative democracy in favour of direct citizens’ participation, a year ago in Spain a political party was born which was directly inspired by the 15M movement: ‘Podemos’ (‘We can’).

Four months after its foundation the new party dashed into the European limelight by conquering five seats in the Europarliament, presenting itself as a radical alternative to the Spanish political dinosaurs of PP and PSOE (“¡La misma mierda es!“). On the eve of the election in Puerta del Sol the trademark 15M slogan “They don’t represent us!” turned into “Yes! They represent us!”

Today, Podemos showed its strength with a massive demonstration in Madrid…

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Forms of Violence in the ‘Umbrella Movement’ of Hong Kong

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Umbrella Revolution, Iwo Jima style. Foto by Raymond Kam. Umbrella Revolution, Iwo Jima style. Foto by Raymond Kam.

Dear people,

This is the translation of another article recently published by Miguel Ángel Martínez, on his blog ‘Orquídeas en Hong Kong‘. For continuous updates on the situation on Hong Kong, check my RebelMouse page, here.
“Let’s talk about violence. Political violence, to be exact. The most noteworthy episode of violence in the history of Hong Kong dates back to 1967. Between May and December there were strikes, armed clashes, domestic bombings and a Chinese military incursion leaving 45 people dead and resulting in hundreds of arrests. Hong Kong was a British colony from 1841-2 and was ruled with an iron fist. However, the city’s industrialization attracted a wave of labour immigrants from China, some of whom also rejected the model of triumphant communism after 1949. The revolt of 1967 was inspired by the Cultural Revolution and was…

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About Hong Kong

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Foto via Tumblr Foto via Tumblr

Dear people,

Protest in Hong Kong flare up after a week which saw violence by agents provocateur and talks with the government breaking down. I translated another piece about the context of the protest by Miguel Ángel Martínez. Original here.

Various Layers of Social Movement in Perspective: About Hong Kong

“It’s Monday and we have to return to class. It has been two weeks of demonstrations. A student strike and one by the ‘umbrella movement’. To call it a ‘revolution’ seems a bit exaggerated. On Sunday negotiations resumed between the Hong Kong Federation of Students (HKFS) and the government of the ‘Special Administrative Region’ (SAR). They were frozen since Friday as anti-occupy groups had entered the scene attacking protesters and trying to dismantle occupations with the passive complicity of the police. So yesterday, while I was walking around several of the key points of the movement…

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Umbrella Revolution

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Via Via

Dear people,

Revolt seems to have hit the shores of Hong Kong. I’m not there, but here’s a translation of an article by a Spanish blogger on the spot, who explains what’s happening and why. (Check out the original here)

Occupy Hong Kong and the Contradictions of Neoliberalism in China.

“It’s 10 a.m. in Hong Kong, 6 hours later than Madrid. When I woke up this morning, the occupation was still there. I can almost see it clearly from my window. It’s the one in the district of Mong Kok (on the mainland, Kowloon), because there are two more occupations active on the “island”, which is Hong Kong proper. One is in Admiralty, near the government offices. Another is in Cause Way Bay, one of the congested commercial districts. The barricades cutting traffic there are still standing. They are simple barricades, made of fences and some street…

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Hit and Run

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Via El Jueves Via El Jueves

Dear people,

So I spent a week in Barcelona this month. First thing I noticed, entering the city: a banner over a motorway bridge, and people protesting against education cuts. Second thing, like last time, the Catalan flags at the windows. There are three types. One with a white star on blue (independence), one with a red star (independence and socialism), and the official flag, no stars, only stripes (union with Spain). You will not find a single Spanish flag flying from the windows.

I won’t go into the nationalist discourse. Just a brief reflection on the tribal instinct. Human beings generally live in packs. They stick together on the basis of certain similarities, linguistic, social, racial, religious, etc. They have a tendency to distrust of differences. In a globalized society, this tendency is largely drowned out by the benefits of cultural, economic and scientific exchange. But…

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A Voice from Bosnia-Herzegovina

In #GlobalRevolution on 25 February 2014 at 18:07

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Photo by Giles Clarke Photo by Giles Clarke

Dear people,

I saw a man sitting at a metro station last week. Gracia neighbourhood, Barcelona. He was reading a brick of a hardcover, entitled ‘1914-1918′. It’s a hot topic this year. World War 1, the massacre that ended the Age of Empires and inaugurated the 20th century.
The prologue of the conflict began in Sarajevo, with the assassination of archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian empire, at the hands of a Serbian nationalist. At the time, the region was at the centre of a power struggle between German-backed Austria and Russian-backed Serbia, and, by extension, between the two grand alliances that included almost every great power of the day. Hence, the local conflict went global.

After one hundred years and three devastating wars, the country and its peoples are still divided and subject to powerplay from abroad. Earlier this month, protests…

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Letter from Madrid

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Dear people,

A merry new year to all. And from the looks of it, it’s going to be a good one, revolutionarily speaking. Ukraine is crazy. You will probably know that. I was stunned by the romantic pictures of fire battles in the snow, with demonstrators launching molotovs and riot police in roman legion style responding with flame throwers. It’s epic. The rebels even employed a self constructed catapult to launch fire bombs at police.

Why am I not in Kiev, you might ask, to write a rousing account of the events from the front line? Well, again, vanity. Revolution, in the classic sense of a complete overthrow of society, is a chimera. There are more important things in life.

And yet, I keep in touch, especially with Spain. Last week I received a letter from a comrade whom I met during the first days of the Spanish uprising in the Communications Commission of Acampada Sol. This…

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OWS Christmas Coup

In #GlobalRevolution on 22 December 2013 at 14:35

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“Whatever happened to Occupy Wall Street?”

People ask me this sometimes when we get to talk about activism. Many of them hardly remember anything. They recall some images of folks camping out on the squares with cardboard slogans. “Wasn’t it the autumn fashion, the year before last?”

I guess it was.

“So what happened?”

For me, it used to be pretty difficult to answer that. Occupy must have ended somewhere along the way, but I can’t say exactly what happened.

Now I know.

Occupy Wall Street ended up under the Christmas tree.

“Give the gift of spiritual insurrection, posters and canvases now available, click here to purchase”

It’s kinda curious. And in some way, everything fits. Occupy Wall Street started off with a poster, and it ended with that very same poster. Under the Christmas tree.

Now get this. During the course of the French Revolution the representative body steadily…

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Too much hay

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Tuscany, December 21

A quick update on Italy. The Pitchforks were much hyped, but fizzled fast. During the first few days, populist leaders tried to hop on the train. Beppe Grillo, the comedian opposition leader even called for a coup d’etat by the armed forces. Old lion Berlusconi was set to meet representatives of the pitchfork mob, but backed down just in time.
The uprising against a vote of confidence for the government was to be a pitchfork ‘march on rome’. The historical echo of Mussolini’s takeover of power in 1922 was one of the many issues that divided the spirits. Identity crisis hit fast. A photo in the papers of a presumed pitchfork leader driving off in a second hand Jaguar only helped to aggravate the crisis. Some people went to Rome anyway, not for a march, but for a sit-in. It was a major flop.

“Sure they have…

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