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In Madrid, Spain on 16 February 2013 at 20:00
#16F Demonstration in Valladolid, photo via @15mvalladolid

#16F Demonstration in Valladolid, photo via @15mvalladolid

Dear people,

Today was #16F. A nationwide demonstration for the constitutional right to decent housing. It is ongoing. First estimates say that 80.000 people marched in Barcelona alone. Many thousands more marched in dozens of other cities. The people demand that parliament votes a popular bill against foreclosures into law. And that the government resigns.

Tomorrow, more demonstrations. This time for the right to universal health care.

Stay tuned.


Winters at Sol

In Madrid, Spain on 7 February 2013 at 20:16
Occupation of BBVA bank in Barcelona, 7 Feb. Photo via @Xaviandreu

Occupation of BBVA bank in Barcelona, 7 Feb. Photo via @Xaviandreu

February 7

Dear people,

To the thoughtful words with which Ada Colau had presented the popular bill against foreclosures in the senate economic commission, the authorities have responded with a platoon of riot police.

At four o’ clock in the morning police evicted the protest camp in front of Bankia headquarters, where a few dozen people had spent the winter to demonstrate against a public bank that throws its own citizens out on the street.

Outrage exploded early in the morning. In Barcelona a BBVA bank franchise was occupied all day long. In Madrid, student protests continue as we speak. On the Puerta del Sol, the General Assembly of the ongoing occupation has just launched its manifesto… (Eng)

“On February 3 (…) we decided to stay in our Plaza del Sol [sic] (…)

We belong to the streets, the streets belong to us, we will not leave.

We are citizens fighting against corruption. We are people united by the same interests and we want to claim and stimulate civic struggle.

(…) we appeal to the people to mobilize and demand with us the effective investigation of illegitimate debt, the mass resignation of the government, the repeal of the current constitution and the formation of a constituent assembly to prepare a new constitution capable of returning citizens power over markets and economic corporations, which currently have kidnapped the rule of law.

We need your ideas, your actions and your media. We are young, elderly, students, the unemployed, workers, pensioners, evicted…

We are winters at Sol.”

Popular Legislation

In #GlobalRevolution, Madrid, Spain on 6 February 2013 at 19:25
This morning's student demo in Madrid. Photo via @YoEPublica

This morning’s student demo in Madrid. Photo via @YoEPublica

Dear People,

Yesterday evening, while demonstrators were preparing to spend their third night in the square, a representative of the mortgage victim platform presented a popular bill in the senate economic commission, backed up by over a million signatures and a ninety percent approval rating.

She did an extraordinary job. In forty minutes she eloquently explained the nature of the mortgage scam, the devastating effects of foreclosures on society, the complicity of the government and the way in which neighbouring countries deal with these problems: generally a lot better. The bill demands immediate cessation of all evictions, the retroactive remission of debt in case of foreclosure and the redistribution of abandoned property among evicted families on the basis of a social lease.

In other news, this morning, students went on strike throughout the country. A national day of action is being planned for February 16. The occupation of Sol continues.