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The Brussels Business

In #GlobalRevolution on 18 March 2013 at 10:37


Dear people,

This has been years in the making, a documentary about lobbying in Brussels, made by a friend of mine from Belgium. It can be watched for free on Arte in either German or French until the end of March. You can find the English version in the iTunes store.

Be prepared for a shocking experience. The story reveals how an army of twenty thousand corporate lobbyists prepares the policy of the European Union, which member states are forced to implement. It traces the links between big business and the European Commission to the foundation of the so-called European Round Table of industrialists (ERT) at the beginning of the 1980s.

The initiative was proposed by leading industrialists such as Pehr Gyllenhammar (Volvo), Wisse Dekker (Philips) and Umberto Agnelli (Fiat). It would go on to include the CEOs of all major European multinationals. During the late 80s, the ERT came up with a plan called ‘Reshaping Europe’. It was a combination of a neo-liberal economic agenda and a major infrastructural overhaul of the continent.

Without the press ever taking note of it, the plan has been copied and implemented to the letter by the European Commission ever since the days of Jacques Delors. Not coincidentally, the ERT convenes twice a year, a week before the European heads of governments do. They meet in secret, but not in some dull conference room or something. The real masters of Europe come together in castles, palaces, opera houses and any other setting fit for kings.

Check out the rest yourselves. If you want to know anything about what the EU actually is, how it works, and whose interests it serves, this documentary is a must.